Restaurant review: Duck and Waffle

Located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower near to London’s Liverpool Street Station, a table at Duck and Waffle is hard to come by. Open 24/7, this restaurant aims to impress. From the panoramic views of the London skyline to the seamless service and creative menu, I found this restaurant worth every penny (and it did involve a fair few penny’s at £80 a head). 

We had pre-dinner cocktails overlooking the Gherkin, which were right up our street. My boyfriend ordered ‘The Hay’ which combined Jack Daniels with salted caramel and maple, and true to nature, came served on a bed of hay. Meanwhile, I satisfied my coriander obsession with the ‘Electric Coriander Colada’. The combination of pineapple, coriander and coconut washed Bacardi Carta Blanca created the best cocktail I’ve ever had. 

Now for the food! The menu follows a tapas style which is great to allow you to try different dishes. We had the wild Cornish pollock meatballs (very trendy and sustainable), the spicy ox cheek donut and some violet artichoke and Parmesan bread, followed by the classic ‘duck and waffle’ each for main.

My recently discovered love of sweet and sour food (founded in Canada) meant that I was in heaven! The mustard maple syrup worked wonderfully with the crispy duck leg and fluffy waffle. Whilst I’m not sure I gained the same satisfaction from the ox cheek donut, it was a novel concept. 


What I also love about Duck and Waffle is that they are honest; the back of the menu lists the farms and counties where their food is source from. It’s nice to know that they use some great suppliers from across the British Isles. 

Our waiter was also passionate and engaging, and had a funny story or two to tell! Because the restaurant is open 24/7, I found out that many of the slightly more affluent customers use the restaurant as their local watering hole in the early hours of the morning. The restaurant has a policy whereby every customer has to order food along with their drinks, which is a great policy, however some of the food goes untouched by the slightly more drunk customers and focus turns to drinking. I think the food here is too good for drunk people, however after a strong cocktail and half a bottle of red, who was I to talk?

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Rating: 4 out of 5 prawns 🍤🍤🍤🍤

Why do I rate restaurants using prawns? Because they’re my favourite food of course! 

Address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London.

Closet tube: Liverpool Street

Price: £80/head 


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