True Foodie’s top 5 picks for the week 

Each week I’ll be sharing my favourite food items with you and where you can get your hands on them.

From healthy foods to indulgent treats, I’ll be scanning the shops and making my top 5 food picks.

This week’s list is a journey from tasty cookies, to dried mulberries, green tea and chickpeas. I’ve also include a recipe book which was recommended to me.  

1. Salted caramel cookie mix by The Mason Jar Cookie Company.

I love these cake mix jars – they make great presents, or help you out if you’re feeling a bit lazy and want to whip something up quickly. This jar costs £12.99 and can be found (surprisingly) on the shelves of New Look! If you’d rather save the money, you could make some jars up yourself following any cake recipe,and give them to friends and family as homemade presents. 

2. Dried mulberries from Holland and Barrett. 

I first ate fresh mulberries from a tree outside our Airbnb place on a holiday in Israel and they’re gorgeous. These dried ones for just £1.49 ones take me back there, and are good to sprinkle on yogurt and cereal. 

3. China green tea bags from Starbucks. 

Whilst they’re on the expensive side at £3.99, I love green tea and it helps with digestion after a meal. 

4. Chickpeas (just 33p/can from Aldi!)


You can simply roast these in olive oil and chilli, or throw sun dried tomatoes, tomato purée, olive oil, chilli powder and apple cider vinegar into a food processor and then spread over your chickpeas before baking. Yummy! 

5. This Hemsley and Hemsley book is full of great recipes. 


Recommended to me by my Future Sister in Law (we’ll be sisters once we both get married!), you can get this book for £25 at waterstones, or I found it for £17 on Amazon! Bargain. Their book is built around ‘gut health, whole foods and affordable ingredients’.

So those are my top 5 food picks for this week – enjoy. Want to find out more about The True Foodie? You can learn about my foodie journey here


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